Laspistol Detailing

Well its coming along nicely I reckon. I’ve started cutting the MDF panels and other little bits of detail. Still a way to go though, but looking like it might work.

Ive interpreted the vertical slot feature near the trigger to be a magazine release catch so knocked that up out of softwood. Above that is a switch for selecting single or continuous firing.




Gas mask

All Krieg guardsmen wear a gas mask, but they are not all the same it would seem. The mask worn by the quartermaster differs from the rank and file guardsman by having the hose to the re-breather coming out from the left-hand side. There is also a fitting on the right-hand side. So, I am assuming that there is no fitting on the front of the mask like the other guardsmen.


So, after much searching online I have found this mask which might do.


It looks proper gimp dodgy, but once the skull mask is over it I should look less like a sex-case.


So, first part of the changed kit will be the laspistol. After a couple of designs in card I decided upon the last one which I was happy with.

IMG_0481I have decided that I want a hardwood pistol grip so have used that for the core of the weapon as well.

IMG_0482It’s coming along slowly, I don’t have a great deal of time to work on it. But you can see that I have partially shaped the grip and trigger space and have progressed with the 3D modelling.

IMG_0505Once I am happy with the sizing of all the component parts and the overall feel, I think I’ll start cutting the panels out of 2mm MDF.