So here is the greatcoat being worn. You can see that the sleeves are too short for my gorilla arms, as is the length. It needs to be mid-calf. The collar is also too low and needs to be stiffened.


So, I removed the collar entirely and made a replacement which has a layer of calico and bondaweb inside to stiffen it. I also added a regimental flash to the left collar.



2 thoughts on “Greatcoat

  1. I am trying to make something similar and I was wondering, what coat did you use and how exactly did you get the collar heightened? I know you said you removed it and made a new one but I’m not sure what that means. Love it though


    1. Hi Cody,
      Coat was like this ebay one:
      but it wasn’t as expensive as that when I got it.
      I unpicked and removed the collar after noting how high it was and how much higher I needed it to be.
      I then used it as a template on similar fabric to the coat, adding height measurement to the level I needed. Cut it out, with the same size piece of calico material as a lining and ‘Bondaweb’ as a stiffener. these pieces were sewn into the outer layers of black wool and then the whole thing was reattached into the same location from where it was unpicked and removed.
      I worked out the overall height i needed by simply putting on the unmodified coat and measuring above it to the point where I wanted the new height to reach, based upon pictures of Krieg Guardsmen I found.
      Hope this helps?


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