Carapace Armour Decoration

I have racked my brains to work out what to use for the rib-cage feature on the front of the carapace armour. There are quite a few tutorials online on how to make something like that, but I wasn’t too happy going down that route.
I did find a great latex one for sale on the web, but nowhere seemed to be in stock and it looked like the manufacturer no longer produced it. But I eventually found one for sale and here it is.

image_3368 (1)

I’m unsure about the colour scheme on it, my inspiration for the costume – the painted figure in another post – has the rib-cage (and face-mask) as white. Maybe that’s the way ahead?


Carapace Armour

Moving on to the carapace armour. I thought it might be relatively simple to do, but that’s not the case!
Two pieces – chest and back plate with an integral bevor/collar. On the chest piece is a mock rib-cage and on the bevor, an Imperial Aquila. That didn’t sound too difficult until I started to use Worbla for the first time. I discovered my thermoplastic skills are gash. I’ve used craft foam between Worbla sheets which was ok when initially cut-out.

IMG_0684But then I don’t know if I’m using it properly, it hasn’t seemed to have stuck to the foam layer and once I shaped it there were bubbles galore and quite a bit of distortion.

IMG_0695The chest piece is the worst, but that will be hidden by the rib-cage.

Anyway, all suggestions greatly received – more work to do I reckon