I’ve got hold of some more bits and pieces for my head. As well as the existing mask, I have now added:

  • A hose to connect the mask to the re-breather unit – one of those russian rubber ones which was a couple of quid on fleabay.
  • Plastic 90 degree bend to attach hose to re-breather – couple of quid from my local DIY store. It’s a 40mm plastic waste fitting.
  • Airsoft half-skull face-mask (again, a couple of quid) – this’ll sit over the gas mask with some mods. I’ll also be able to remove parts of the gas mask that’ll be hidden, this’ll allow some breathing holes and hopefully stop  the eye lens misting up.
  • A replica German M35 helmet – this didn’t cost as I managed to persuade someone to get it as an xmas present. But it’s about £40-£50.



Gas mask

All Krieg guardsmen wear a gas mask, but they are not all the same it would seem. The mask worn by the quartermaster differs from the rank and file guardsman by having the hose to the re-breather coming out from the left-hand side. There is also a fitting on the right-hand side. So, I am assuming that there is no fitting on the front of the mask like the other guardsmen.


So, after much searching online I have found this mask which might do.


It looks proper gimp dodgy, but once the skull mask is over it I should look less like a sex-case.