Death Korp Quartermaster

So, a change in direction. I’ll keep the grenadier idea in mind but I’m going to focus instead on a DKoK Quartermaster.


A lot of the kit remains consistent whatever member of the Korp you are portraying. ie boots, trousers, greatcoat and helmet. The skull mask will be awkward, I need to find a gas mask that fits the image. I can then make the mask to fit over that. Not sure how I will accomplish that at this stage.


Campaign Dirty

DKoK are primarily used for protracted siege wars in hostile environments. Turning up anywhere in a costume that is pristine will look gash, so the costume will look like I have spent time on campaign. Lots of dirt, chipped paintwork, and other ‘weathered’ effects.

Regimental Colours

I’ve seen a few posts across tinterweb on the subject of uniform colours, with comments about a greatcoat being the wrong colour.
Forgeworlds Imperial Armour Book Volume Five –Siege of Vraks Part One, shows a couple of guardsmen in differing colours as dictated by the regiment they belong to, i.e. the 19th Siege Regiment wear olive green whilst the 5th wear black.

So, rather than choose a colour scheme and try to match the kit to it, I will go for the most appropriate looking greatcoat and allow my regimental colour scheme to be dictated by that. It’ll be easier.

Death Korp of Krieg Cosplay

I want to create a Death Korp of Krieg Grenadier costume for use at Comic Con UK 2016.


Why not? I’ve never been into cosplay and didn’t really see the point. I’ve been a re-enactor for quite a few years, so am not a stranger to dressing up. But I went to Comic Con 2015 and saw other cosplayers in their costumes and decided it would probably be a laugh. Being a big fan of 40K, it would also be great to see a quality DKoK costume.
I hoped to find something online that would tell me exactly how to do it, but couldn’t find anything. So, in case someone else wants to do the same, I’ll create the guide I could have done with.
My reference for the costume will be almost exclusively visual, using the artists impression on page 89 of Forgeworlds Imperial Armour Book Volume Five –Siege of Vraks Part One. Also, Forgeworlds DKoK Grenadier figures.

I’m sure it’ll take a long time, so I’ll crack-on and keep you posted along the way.

EDIT I’ve changed my mind now, although the grenadier idea is still there, I’m doing a quartermaster first. EDIT