Finished Buttons

Here you go then – finished and attached buttons, along with the skull and regimental flash collar insignia.

Death Korp of Krieg Quartermaster Greatcoat


More Buttons

This is the button model, the mould and the cast results. Also you can see the cut-down skull ornaments I found which will go on the greatcoat collar. All items now need to be painted in a brass effect scheme.


Greatcoat buttons

As you can see the greatcoat buttons are cheap and plain. I want skull motif buttons and after searching around (should have used the skulls that I put on the laspistol!) I found another plastic skull from my sons toy pirate ship. It is not ideal due to the ‘snarling’ expression, but it’ll suffice.
Next step to finish modelling the button before casting.



So here is the greatcoat being worn. You can see that the sleeves are too short for my gorilla arms, as is the length. It needs to be mid-calf. The collar is also too low and needs to be stiffened.


So, I removed the collar entirely and made a replacement which has a layer of calico and bondaweb inside to stiffen it. I also added a regimental flash to the left collar.



So apparently the greatcoat (along with the trousers and boots) are exactly the same as those issued to other Krieg infantry.
It is manufactured on Krieg, provides limited protection and is heavily impregnated against chemical and biological attack.
It is double-breasted and includes brass buttons, a pair of which allows the coat’s front to be turned back for greater mobility in combat. It’s collar bears the regimental tag stitched to the coat.
Death Korp of Krieg Grenadier The reference artwork also shows the coat to be mid-calf length, buttons extending to at least the knees, close(ish)-fitting arms with double cuff and a high collar. Forgeworld figures also show an adjustable band on the lower back and two front pockets.
The colour of the coat is dictated by the guardsman’s regiment

There are a lot of military greatcoats available online meeting these criteria. My problem is that I am 6′ 2″ and slim. Most coats available are not long enough. So the best option I found was this:

$_57It’s a reproduction German M32 black wool greatcoat. It’ll be long enough for me, but will need some adjustment. I will probably make the arms closer-fitting, use part of the double-cuff as material to make the collar higher and possibly take in the chest size.
It’s black, so that dictates my costume as the 5th Siege Regiment. It was £80. It’s in the post.