Lasgun Further Progress

I’ve now started to lasercut model card parts to replace my initial drawings on card. I’ve used 2D Design and I’ll use the same designs to later replace some card parts with Foamalux. Other parts will be vacuum-formed and I have already done the barrel cooling shroud.

IMG_0461I think the barrel cooling shroud is too short, I will probably make it longer to lengthen the overall weapon. Barrel is just a length of metal tube. I need to think about the trigger because that fitting will dictate where the discharge generator piece will sit.
I will probably also add a piece to the back end of the butt which will lengthen everything further.


Lasgun Card Modelling

Well the rifle stock arrived in the post, I’m still a little unsure about the size but I’m gonna run with it anyway. So the next stage is to model the rest of the weapon to get an idea of size and to check it’s all proportionate.

The grenadier picture I’m using seems to have the lasgun correctly proportioned so I’m using that to calculate the size of weapon parts. After drawing around the stock on paper and then roughly drawing the other parts over it I got a basic idea of sizes. I also did a 2D Design drawing of the whole weapon.


Using both drawings as a proportional size I guide, I have started to cut-out card parts to get a physical visualisation of whether it is correctly sized.


Lasgun stock

Because the lasgun does not have a pistol grip, this gives it that typical rifle stock base. Rather than go through the tears of attempting to scratch-build the stock, around which the rest of the weapon will take shape, I have opted to use an existing .22 rifle stock.


Now whether or not this is going to work I do not know. Until I receive the stock I’m not really sure about how appropriate its size is, as well as the shape of the butt. Hopefully the rest of the stock will be adequate around which to build the rest of the weapon.

Anyway, this is the first cost at £15 plus postage. I’m sure there’ll be more!

I’m all about that lasgun

Hellgun Parts

Lasgun musing, what do we know, what’s it all about?

I can’t find a great deal of info about the weapon, only what Forgeworld have put out really so I’ll start with a bit of that now.

Grenadiers use the Mk XIV Lasgun (Heavy), also known as the ‘Hellgun’ or ‘Hotshot’ lasgun.

Hellgun PartsPoints of note about the weapon are:

  • Has no pistol-grip.
  • Prone to barrel over-heating so has a fitted barrel cooling-shroud.
  • Has a fore-grip, due to weapon getting hot.
  • Has a sight with x4 magnification and low-light infra-scope.
  • Power cables carry the weapon charge from the back-mounted power-pack to the rapid discharge generator.
  • Fires in the 28 Megathule range.

That’s about it, apparently grenadiers aren’t happy using it. But that tidbit of info has no bearing on creating this weapon for cosplay, but some of the above points do.