I’ve got hold of some more bits and pieces for my head. As well as the existing mask, I have now added:

  • A hose to connect the mask to the re-breather unit – one of those russian rubber ones which was a couple of quid on fleabay.
  • Plastic 90 degree bend to attach hose to re-breather – couple of quid from my local DIY store. It’s a 40mm plastic waste fitting.
  • Airsoft half-skull face-mask (again, a couple of quid) – this’ll sit over the gas mask with some mods. I’ll also be able to remove parts of the gas mask that’ll be hidden, this’ll allow some breathing holes and hopefully stop  the eye lens misting up.
  • A replica German M35 helmet – this didn’t cost as I managed to persuade someone to get it as an xmas present. But it’s about £40-£50.



Carapace Armour Decoration

I have racked my brains to work out what to use for the rib-cage feature on the front of the carapace armour. There are quite a few tutorials online on how to make something like that, but I wasn’t too happy going down that route.
I did find a great latex one for sale on the web, but nowhere seemed to be in stock and it looked like the manufacturer no longer produced it. But I eventually found one for sale and here it is.

image_3368 (1)

I’m unsure about the colour scheme on it, my inspiration for the costume – the painted figure in another post – has the rib-cage (and face-mask) as white. Maybe that’s the way ahead?

Gas mask

All Krieg guardsmen wear a gas mask, but they are not all the same it would seem. The mask worn by the quartermaster differs from the rank and file guardsman by having the hose to the re-breather coming out from the left-hand side. There is also a fitting on the right-hand side. So, I am assuming that there is no fitting on the front of the mask like the other guardsmen.


So, after much searching online I have found this mask which might do.


It looks proper gimp dodgy, but once the skull mask is over it I should look less like a sex-case.


Boots are easy. Boots are brown, end of. They need to be military, obviously. They need to be worn-in, so second-hand is the option – ideally cheap!

So this is what I’m using –

Swedish Army BootsThey are Swedish Army Boots from the 60’s, size 10. Bought from fleabay for £18. That’s enough spending for now, got plenty to be working with.



So apparently the greatcoat (along with the trousers and boots) are exactly the same as those issued to other Krieg infantry.
It is manufactured on Krieg, provides limited protection and is heavily impregnated against chemical and biological attack.
It is double-breasted and includes brass buttons, a pair of which allows the coat’s front to be turned back for greater mobility in combat. It’s collar bears the regimental tag stitched to the coat.
Death Korp of Krieg Grenadier The reference artwork also shows the coat to be mid-calf length, buttons extending to at least the knees, close(ish)-fitting arms with double cuff and a high collar. Forgeworld figures also show an adjustable band on the lower back and two front pockets.
The colour of the coat is dictated by the guardsman’s regiment

There are a lot of military greatcoats available online meeting these criteria. My problem is that I am 6′ 2″ and slim. Most coats available are not long enough. So the best option I found was this:

$_57It’s a reproduction German M32 black wool greatcoat. It’ll be long enough for me, but will need some adjustment. I will probably make the arms closer-fitting, use part of the double-cuff as material to make the collar higher and possibly take in the chest size.
It’s black, so that dictates my costume as the 5th Siege Regiment. It was £80. It’s in the post.


Lasgun stock

Because the lasgun does not have a pistol grip, this gives it that typical rifle stock base. Rather than go through the tears of attempting to scratch-build the stock, around which the rest of the weapon will take shape, I have opted to use an existing .22 rifle stock.


Now whether or not this is going to work I do not know. Until I receive the stock I’m not really sure about how appropriate its size is, as well as the shape of the butt. Hopefully the rest of the stock will be adequate around which to build the rest of the weapon.

Anyway, this is the first cost at £15 plus postage. I’m sure there’ll be more!