More Buttons

This is the button model, the mould and the cast results. Also you can see the cut-down skull ornaments I found which will go on the greatcoat collar. All items now need to be painted in a brass effect scheme.



Greatcoat buttons

As you can see the greatcoat buttons are cheap and plain. I want skull motif buttons and after searching around (should have used the skulls that I put on the laspistol!) I found another plastic skull from my sons toy pirate ship. It is not ideal due to the ‘snarling’ expression, but it’ll suffice.
Next step to finish modelling the button before casting.



So here is the greatcoat being worn. You can see that the sleeves are too short for my gorilla arms, as is the length. It needs to be mid-calf. The collar is also too low and needs to be stiffened.


So, I removed the collar entirely and made a replacement which has a layer of calico and bondaweb inside to stiffen it. I also added a regimental flash to the left collar.


Laspistol nearly done

So, here’s the WIP paint job. I added chipped paint effect to the green and gave it a dirty wash. Only thing is that the wash clearly shows big brush strokes, so it doesn’t look to good. Unless it also looks like a filthy weapon that someone has repeatedly attempted to wipe clean.
The worn effect on the trigger area and mag needs to be toned down I think and I’m still undecided what to do further with the barrel and silver feature on the weapon top.


Laspistol base-coat

First coat on. I can see now where I need to add filler or sand-down. The base-coat has revealed that it is obvious that the trigger and trigger-guard are wooden. I’ll work on that a bit, but I think I’ll have to settle for it looking ok from 6ft away.

I cut-off the heads of some copper rivets and stuck them on around the edge of the sides. The surfaces of the weapon don’t look very smooth and metallic, I’m hoping that further coats of paint (base and top) will sort that issue out.

Mac's laspistol

More Laspistol

Moving on, slowly. I’ve used plastic waste pipe for the barrel and barrel shroud. Used a hole saw to drill into the body for the barrel to sit into, but when I dropped the gun and the barrel popped off I realised it needed to be more secure. So, using a forstner bit I drilled much deeper into the body and now the barrel sits fine. I used a piece of foamalux for the feature under the barrel shroud. Not sure if it is going to work as when heated it became distorted and bubbled as I formed it around the barrel. I’m going to see if some strategic sanding and filing can sort that.
I have also started to add the panelling and detail on the top of the pistol. I’m not really sure what these parts are supposed to be. I think some believe it is a housing for a laser sight.
The magazine has now been put together and will be finished with the addition of a locating pin on the side.

I think the scaling is fine, it doesn’t look to big. What do you think?


Laspistol Detailing

Well its coming along nicely I reckon. I’ve started cutting the MDF panels and other little bits of detail. Still a way to go though, but looking like it might work.

Ive interpreted the vertical slot feature near the trigger to be a magazine release catch so knocked that up out of softwood. Above that is a switch for selecting single or continuous firing.